Sky (2022)​​​​​​​
A young pianist struggles to find relief from his severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Sky – Trailer​​​​​​​
The Gold Line (2016) 
The sound of wheels on pavement overcomes the roaring confusion, and gives solitude in a crowded space. The spontaneity of a session is shared with friends.
The film was accepted to ten film festivals from around the country (and one in the UK), and screened at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles as part of the Houston Film Commission’s Texas Filmmaker’s Showcase in 2017.

Best Cinematography – Prison City Film Festival
Best Trailer – Prison City Film Festival
Best Houston Film – Next International Film Festival
Best Drone Film – Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival
Nominated for Best Score – Action on Film Festival
Nominated for Best Action Sequence (Short) – Action on Film Festival

The Gold Line – Trailer
Control (2013)

A young man blames himself for an unknown tragedy. But after a long mental journey, he has an epiphany that changes his perspective. 
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