This is a detailed aerial video of the Spring Skatepark in Houston, Texas which opened on August 14, 2014. It’s the largest public skatepark in the United States, the second largest in the world, and was constructed by Grindline Skateparks (2014).




This is a short documentary I filmed and edited of the HUE Mural Festival, which is a street art event that hosts artists from all over the world (2015). Southern Living Magazine published the video to their website as well.




Short promotional video for “The Houston Bowlder Challenge”. The goal is for Houston to host a professional skateboarding bowl competition with the largest purse in the world. This will ensure that the best talent in skateboarding will be competing at this event (2014).




Paul-luc Ronchetti is a professional skateboarder from the UK who currently resides in California. As he was passing through Houston, I was able to get a few clips of him skating at Jamail Skatepark. I also learned how to create and track color correction masks, and I’ve begun delving into 3D animation (2015).




Here’s my coverage of the first ever skateboarding competition to be held at North Houston (Spring) Skatepark which is the largest public skatepark in the USA. The event was sponsored by Truth Riders. On a side note, since much of the footage was filmed with my quadcopter, I had to record the sounds of the skateboarding separately. It was a fun challenge to dub the separately recorded sound with the footage (2015).




This is my coverage of the 31st Annual EZ-7 Surfhouse Turkey Jam.  This ditch has been skated by skateboarders for generations, and this event is a Texas skateboarding tradition (2014).




This is my recap of Skatestock III which took place at Lee & Joe Jamail Skatepark located in Houston, Texas. I skate here almost everyday and I’m grateful that I get to call this my local skatepark (2015).




This is my video coverage of March of the Surviving Youth which is sponsored by Catholic Organization of Life, Inc.(2015).