The Story
Ben Bennett is a talented, teen pianist who suffers from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  He skillfully hides his compulsions from others and never speaks of them to anyone.  Playing the piano is his only sanctuary from the outside world and only relief from his tormented mind.  But, the pressure of an upcoming music school audition combined with his obsessive nature cause him to agonize over the one thing that once brought him relief: music.  He must make a choice: take a step toward accepting vulnerability and confide to his friend Sky, or remain closed-off, allowing his obsessions to consume every aspect of his waking life and even his dreams.

Why is this film important?
Filmmaking is a powerful art form with the potential to move its audience, encouraging positive changes.  Your support will allow us to bring the effects of OCD on the sufferer to light in greater detail.  Rather than portray this mental disorder as a mere nuisance to the patient, consisting of trivial compulsions and rituals, Sky delves deeper into the life and mind of someone living with severe OCD.

Sky shows how growth comes from even the most painful circumstances.  My hope is that this film inspires someone who is suffering in silence to gain the courage to reach out for help without fear of judgment.

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Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the film, followed by a teaser:



Click here to check out the interview with Houston Press about Sky and the latest developments of the project!




Lance Childers – Writer | Director
My name is Lance Childers, and I was born and raised in Houston, Texas.  After graduating from the University of Houston, I discovered my passion for filmmaking.  I’ve directed and shot several short films including The Gold Line which was selected last year as part of the Houston Film Commission’s Texas Filmmaker’s Showcase.  I’m especially excited about this next short film.


Caleb Gonzalez, Ph.D. – Producer
Caleb, a cancer researcher at Texas Medical Center in Houston, has a passion for filmmaking.  He collaborated with Lance Childers on The Gold Line, and also produced/directed a fundraising film, which helped raise $2.5 million for the construction of Lee & Joe Jamail Skatepark.


James Pinedo II – Director of Photography
James has worked as a producer, screenwriter, and director since graduating with highest honors from the University of Texas at Austin Film School in 2011. He has directed short documentaries filmed in all parts of the world, while working with Family Theater Productions in Los Angeles, CA on their short format content.


Amos Cochran – Composer
Emmy nominated composer Amos Cochran is an American musician living in Arkansas.  His compositions for film, theater, radio, and television have received many honors.  Cochran has gone on to score numerous films including, Dayveon, which had its world premier at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival and its European premier at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival.

(Photo: Wendy White)


Janet Jensen – Gaffer
Janet Jensen has been a member of the filmmaking community in Austin Texas for 15 years. Her lighting credits include Tree of Life, Boyhood, Friday Night Lights and Sonic Highways


Roseann Garcia – Assistant Camera
Roseann Garcia is a director and producer from San Antonio, Texas. She has also worked as director photography and camera op on various short films. She is currently an associate producer for The City of San Antonio. 

Siegen Bretzke – Sound Recordist
Siegen is a production sound mixer and boom operator from Austin, Texas. He works across Texas, primarily on branded content and scripted narrative projects. His extensive experience recording on short films and feature length films has fully prepared him to capture the beautiful musical and vocal performances of Sky.


Javier Paredes – Assistant Director
Javier has worked as a camera operator, editor, and director, leading him to be the assistant director of this upcoming short film, Sky.

(Photo: Michael Macedo)


Alethea Delmage – Stunt Coordinator
Alethea is a certified Personal Trainer, state champion gymnast, metal winning martial artist and mixed martial artist with a collective 9 years working in film production.



Augustus Cosby (as Ben Bennett)
16-year-old Augustus is a talented actor and a skilled pianist from Austin, Texas.  In addition to rehearsals with the cast, Augustus is working with composer Amos Cochran, as he will play the score for Sky live on set.


Lara London (as Sky)
Lara London is an actress from Houston, Texas. She is 16 years old, and she recently filmed her first short film, ApocaFISH.  Lara is very excited to be starring in Sky!


Pierre Farmer (as Vincent)
Pierre was born and raised in South Africa, where he did extensive voiceover work. He moved to Houston in 2014 to pursue a career opportunity in the medical industry. Pierre rediscovered his passion for acting after joining his fiancée in a class at the Film Acting Academy in 2017.


Charlotte Gilbert (as Kimberly)
Charlotte Gilbert completed her M.S. in Plant Breeding at Texas A&M University – College Station, and received her undergraduate in Chemistry & Biological Sciences.  She has seven years experience working in a hospital setting & currently teaches Robotics & Computer Science at a gifted & talented school in Galveston,TX.  Charlotte was an Information Systems Technician in the United States Navy & thoroughly enjoys recreational theatre.


Katelyn Kapocsi (as Val)
Katelyn Kapocsi is a Houston native who began her acting career through musical theatre. Katelyn has appeared in films such as Indigo Valley and The Delta Girl (nominated for HollyShorts Film Festival Award). Her other passions include learning to fly, traveling the world, and writing.


Michael Olinger (as Eli)
Michael Olinger has performed both on stage and film in the greater Houston area.  Mike is currently pursuing a musical theatre degree, and looking forward to working with this talented cast and crew.


Dean Woods (as The Judge)
Dean Woods is an amateur actor who recently retired as the Senior VP and Chief HR Officer for a major energy company in Houston. After moving to Houston in 1997, he auditioned for Edward Albee personally, and was selected for a role in one of the new plays in the 2001 Edward Albee New Playwright’s Workshop at Stages Theatre. Later, he played the role of Seth Lord in the Crighton Theatre players in Conroe, TX.


Spencer Altman (as The Bully)
Spencer Nigel Altman was born in Chicago, and lived in New Jersey for 10 years before moving to Texas. His passion for acting grew out of his love of comedy and stand-up, which was some relief from growing pains. Spencer takes his enthusiasm wherever he goes.

Photo from rehearsal with the cast:

Sky Fundraising Video:


Thank you all for the support! Your donations and sharing of our campaign will help us bring this story to the screen. Speaking of story, I’d like to share the developments of the music composition for Sky. Here are two videos of Emmy nominated composer Amos Cochran discussing his creative approach to the music within this story:

The short story that I wrote for Amos which he mentions in the video:


James Pinedo II is the director of photography for the short film, “Sky” which begins production on September 30! He describes how this story caught his interest.

Brainstorming session with the stage crew from the Cullen Theater at the Wortham Theater Center for “Sky”. We discussed lighting, sound, set design, and a system which incorporates four, 55-foot long chutes where hundreds of pieces of sheet music will flutter down from the 75-foot grid to the stage below. Amazing experience!