I recently completed my latest film “The Gold Line”. It was very challenging to make as any film typically is, but I also learned more about cinema from making this single film than all of my previous experiences combined. It first premiered on December 2, 2016 at the MATCH. The film has also screened at Rice University, has been accepted to five film festivals so far in the 2017-2018 season, and screened at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles as part of the Texas Filmmaker’s Showcase which is sponsored by the Houston Film Commission.

The film was also promoted locally by the Houston Chronicle and Houston Press.

Upcoming screenings:
Las Vegas, NV – 8/23/17 Action on Film Festival
Washington DC – 9/8/17 DC Adventure Film Festival
Clear Lake, TX – 9/29/17 Gulf Coast Film Festival

Texas Filmmaker’s Showcase screenings:
Houston, TX – TBA (October 2017)
Austin, TX – TBA
Beaumont, TX – TBA
Brownsville, TX – TBA
Corpus Christi, TX – TBA
Dallas, TX – TBA
Fredricksburg, TX – TBA
San Antonio, TX – TBA

Film synopsis:
As the sun breaks the horizon, covering the Houston skyline in golden light, six young skateboarders are navigating their own paths through the urban landscape. After coming together, they experience a perfect moment that will not be soon forgotten.